A More Positive Being

I know as I get older I'm always going through a change, emotionally and physically. I can go through happy points in my life but I can also reach to the lowest points, the feeling of being aware will never leave, that's a part of me. I promised myself when I started my blog that I was going to write and make videos to help people and make a change. I love blogging so much, I cant explain how happy it makes me and as I've grown as a person through all the changes, my blog has changed with me. I'm really uncertain of what my future holds at this very moment but the anxiety of that shouldn't be stressing me out, I could go more into depth to as why but I want to get my words across in a video. Hopefully I'll be making them as soon as possible, because I have my own personal journey I want to share, messages I want to get across and hopefully if its possible.. help make a change.
There's a lot going on in this world and there's enough people using platforms on the Internet to spread as much information as possible to help others and open minds. It's a place where we can express how we truly feel, maybe nothing will change but thinking like that won't get us anywhere, at least if we try it's a possibility. There's so much I've learnt from within myself, other people, books and the Internet. It's information that I'd love to share because keeping it in drives me mad sometimes.

Joining as one and being on eachothers side. 'We're all in the same boat' we've all been put on this earth together no matter what our situation is we're still human.
I'm excited to share this journey because catching my life on camera has given me memories throughout this existent. I can look back on the high points and the low points. Talking about these factors and everything that's going on around us day to day is something I aspire to do, increasing positivity and keeping a healthy balanced mind. Music, meditation, exercising, foods we process, energies we surround ourselves with and our daily routine will be written about and filmed for when I start a channel. There's so much more I keep to myself that I would love to talk about as well. It's always been a little bit daunting thinking people who read my blog might think I'm a little bit mad lol so I haven't talked about it much, keeping thoughts in seemed safer to me. As I get older I'm less worried of what people think, if we have a message we should spread it and now having these recourses I think a lot more people are realising what the world really is and what this existence is about. Maybe we will never know for sure but we have an idea.

We can all join as one to make a change and spread a message. Lets use the internet for something meaningful, there's enough of us! Please share this, comment below, email me if you have any thoughts or questions, thankyou so much.

email - roxannecolex@gmail.com

Love Roxy x

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  1. I reckon blogging has made me a more positive person too, or at least a more informed one. The internet really is an amazing place and I love how we're able to share information and open minds too. Blogs like yours help me realise that other people go through the same feelings as me, and more knowledge and relatable reads can only lead to a more positive headspace, right?

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