New Years And Christmas | Sale Guide

Happy holidaysss! I can't believe it's Christmas in a few days, how quick has this year gone? With Christmas and the New Year creeping up on us, we all know it's that time for new clothes. The Christmas and New Years sales are always a great way to end the festive season as it gives us something a little extra to look forward to.. Which is perfect for me because I don't know about you guys but when the holidays are over and it's back to reality it's nice to have a little something to cheer you up! Not to mention you can get your New Year's Eve outfit in the Christmas sales! 

I've been looking around online getting together 2016 outfit inspiration, looking at coats and jackets I may want for the coldest months ahead of us and even SS16 collections to, ok I'm a little bit early for that (LOL) but it's good to be prepared right? Plus if your getting summer clothes in the Christmas sales it's a bargain as it saves you buying it later on in the year when it's most likely going to be more expensive! 

Anyway back to the topic of talking about 2016 outfit inspiration! Like I mentioned before I've been looking around online and love these pieces from Esprit (items in pictures above) I've mixed my picks up abit with some floral patterns, faux fur jackets to leather jackets to a kimono. Even if your thinking about buying something a little bit flowy or floral which is more suited to summer, you don't have to wait! You can layer with a beautiful scarf to complete the look, if you want to wear a dress but want to avoid the cold wear some tights and boots! No ones going to know about those cosy socks your wearing underneath either...

Just remember.. Wear what you love! 

Hope my tips have helped some of you and I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas! 

The items above are from Esprit,
I will leave their website below - 

Love Roxy x 


  1. Hello from Spain: Fabulous proposals. keep in touch

  2. Love flowy outfits, and I do tend to wear them more in the summer. You are right though, layering is also a great idea. Wish you a fabulous 2016 filled with happiness!