The Perfect High Waisted Jeans | ASOS

I'm soooo happy with these jeans! Usually ordering jeans online is such a pain as I can never get a size that fits, or they or to long for my legs. I made sure I got "ankle grazers" to make sure they weren't to long for me, I'm about 5 ft 2/3 and for length I got 30". Length wise they are perfect for me! I was also worried if they were going to fit my waist, I didn't know wether to order a size 10 or 8, I decided to go for the size 8 and thankgod I did because size 10 would have definitely been to big. The jeans are high waisted and are a stretchy material so they fit really well, im thinking of maybe exchanging them for a size 6, I don't know about you but I prefer skinny jeans when they are extra skinny, unforutunely these are a little bit baggy around the top of the leg and waist so size 6 for me would be perfect! If I could compare these jeans to any others it would be Topshop Joni jeans, I'm not that keen on the Joni jeans that's why I didn't get them, these are very similar but I prefer them much more! 

Love Roxy x 


  1. It looks great on you! I love that deep blue denim colour ♥ xx, Venetia

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    1. I hope these dont come into fashion, they are ugly af.

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  2. Lovely jeans.


  3. so going to have to check there jeans out.

  4. where is your checked jumper from its beautiful?