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I have never used expensive products for taking care of my hair because I find natural products are not only cheap and easy to get but they work the best. First thing I want to discuss is Argan oil, most the products I use on a daily basis are Argan oil such as heat defence spray, conditioner & shampoo and I also put it on my hair once a week as a leave in hair treatment. You can get Argan oil products from your local Drugstore! Other affordable products I use for leave in treatments are castor oil and coconut oil. These work wonders for my hair! 


Again when it comes to colouring my hair it's really affordable. I know it sounds bad but I never usually get my hair coloured professionally as I have found a colour that suits my skin tone, only cost under £5 and is really easy to get. The hair dye I use is one from eBay the brand is 'Mellor & Russell" in the colour Honey Blonde. Bare in mind that my hair was already blonde when I put this on, so if your thinking of getting this your hair already needs to be light or putting this on over brown hair will turn yours orange. I've been using this colour for about two months now and it's my new fave! 


I am always wearing my hair differently, some days it's curly and some days it's straight but I barely ever wear it up! When I'm curling or straightening my hair I will use my Babyliss straightners, I will try and find the link to these straightners and leave it below as I got them last year, I was in a rush to buy some straightners when I lived on my own because mine had broke! So I went to Argos (lol) and bought these Babyliss ones and was SO suprised by how good they actually were. I find them a lot easier to use than GHD's. The plate is thinner so I find it easier to fit in my hands and my hair is naturally really curly and it straightenins my hair better than the GHD's did. The best part about it these cost me under £30! When curling my hair I always curl away from the face and once done I brush my hair through just so it doesn't look like tight ringlets. 

Found the hair straightners yayyerr! Unfortunately they are more expensive now as to when I bought them a year ago, the product type code is C106c so if you type that in on Google more should come up. - http://m.boots.com/h5/cat_hub?path=%2Fen%2FBoutique-Salon-Control-235-Hair-Straightener-by-BaByliss_1501074%2F&unCountry=uk

Love Roxy x

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  1. love hearing about you hair routine.