Saren Boots | Garage Shoes

I'm in love with these Saren boots from Garage Shoes! They are the perfect fit, super comfy and so easy to walk in. I got them in a size 5 which is my usual shoe size and they fit like a glove.

I thought I'd show these in various amounts of pictures on my blog so you guys can see what they look like properly instead of seeing them in just one picture on Instagram! My favourite part about these is the lace detailing at the front and the gap between where the lace ends and the pointed toe, it's different to most thigh high boots so they really stand out to me! I also saw Syndey Fashion Blogger wearing them a while back and had major style inspo, then when I spotted these on the Garage Shoes website I had to have them.. (Shoeaholic) 

I will leave all the details below to Garage Shoes and the direct link to these boots :)

Love Roxy x

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