How To | Achieve Silver Hair

The first thing you need to know about achieving silver hair is that it isn't easy, if you have brown hair and you want to get it to silver it's going to be a really long process you need to get it bleach blonde before you can get it silver. I'm in no way a hair dresser, this is just my own personal experience with getting my hair silver! 

First off I bought 'chroma silk vivids' it's just a normal silver hair dye you can mix with white conditioner, i love it there's only one bad thing I can say about it and that's the price - I bought it off Ebay for £30, pricey for just a hair dye I know, but I have tried a lot of other silver hair dyes and toners and this seems to be the only one that works for me! 

To keep my hair silver as long as possible I use 'fudge clean blonde' toner on my hair once a week! This stuff is so pigmented but amazing! It also took me a while to find a good toner, I swear by this one. 

Lastly to take care of my hair as all the dying and bleaching can cause damage I apply castor oil once a week and leave it in over night! I've heard loads of good reviews about castor oil for healthy hair/growth and it keeps my hair feeling really smooth. 

Love Roxy x


  1. You hair looks great! I don't think I could pull off silver hair!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. Silver hair is honestly so beautiful and this was a great post xxx

  3. Oh god, silver hair is seriously the most amazing thing in the world, but it's so hard -even painful- to achieve it! I used to dye my hair like that for four years, I loved it so much but it was super tiring the fact that I had to bleach and dye the roots every 2 weeks cuz my natural hair is almost black :/ Plus, it wouldn't grow at all.. Now, I've dyed it blue/black and within a year it grew from shoulder to my waist! I miss it so much, but at least my hair is healthy again :P (Damn, that's a huge comment) xx, Veni

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