Feiminn Bralet | Sizing & Styling

Today I opened my parcel from 'Feiminn' a new bralet page I came across on Instagram which has a store coming soon.

They are so glamorous and flattering when wearing, you can't see any unwanted areas popping out and the design is gorgeous.

My bra size is a '32b' so I decided to get the bralet in this size aswell, it's difficult when ordering anything such as bikinis and bras online as it may be to big or small but this fits perfectly on me. If you are also a 32b I would really recommend getting the bralet in this size to.

As you can see by the pictures they have adjustable straps which come in really handy just like on most bras and it feels really secure. Whilst wearing bras sometimes my strap falls down even though it does fit me because it's just a faulty bra, I wore this all day and it's perfectly fine and keeps everything in place which I love! 

These are also perfect for styling with any mesh tee's or tops that are a little bit see through, or just tops that have sleeve cut outs. I can't wait to style them! 

You can get in contact with them and order by messaging them via Instagram or Facebook, they have a shop coming soon. I will leave the links below! 

Love Roxy x


  1. so chic!!!

  2. sexy


  3. I love those!