Your Tea | Your Tea Face Mask Review

'Your Tea' is such a popular brand, the most popular is the teatox, I've never tried teatox as I'm going to be honest I'm not the healthiest of people, but it never really appealed to me as I'm not trying to lose weight or anything like that so I'm not to sure how it all works, Your Tea have a lot of other items on the website now and different detoxes and I've heard nothing but great things about them.. So when I seen this facemask I really wanted to give it a try.

I think this is one of their newest products (I may be wrong) so I don't think it's as known as your tea detox YET. So this tea face mask came in the cutest little packaging with pink on it (my fave colour) and was stored in a nice jar! Once opening make sure to store in the fridge, I'm not to sure why this is but I gathered it could be because the tea would dry out if you didn't, as at the moment it's quite a moisturising consistency. 

Shocker! It looks like tea! Seriously though it's not to glamorous, but what face masks are? This is what it looks like in the jar, kind of looks like tea and kind of looks like soil. I'm not to bothered about that as it smells pretty good.

Make sure all your makeup is removed and your face is completely clean, then grab about a tea spoons worth and rub into your face, on the box it says you can leave it on 10 minutes - an hour so I left it on for 40 minutes. After the 40 minutes was up I grabbed myself a warm cloth and washed it off, then dried my face with a towel. 

What did I think? I'm really really really shocked, I have used many skin care products and face masks and they kind of just give me the same result each time, so I expected the same from this one. When I washed this off my skin actually looked clearer, I have some scars from spots I had in the past and I could see them before I put the mask on and when I took it off it's like they disappeared. My skin also felt like a baby's bottom and my cheeks weren't red anymore, I don't know how to explain it my skin just looked so clean, smooth and clear. I don't want people to read this and think I'm lying because I'm promoting their product or something, I recommend you to look at some videos on YouTube or other blog reviews so you can see before and after results of this product.
I watched Brittney Lee Saunders Before and After video on YouTube the other day reviewing this and you will see what I mean after watching that.

Sorry if I'm raving about it to much, I'm just really really impressed with it! 
If you want to purchase some of 'Your Tea Face' just follow them on Instagram and visit the website, I will leave the links below.

Love Roxy x


  1. GREAT!!!

  2. nice mask....
    i really like to taste it