Holiday Essentials | Pack With Me!

This weekend I am going away on holiday. I'm really excited and have already started packing. I decided to blog about what I am packing considering I thought it would be quite interesting that you guys can see what I'm taking with me. 

First of all is the obvious essentials such as phone and charger, camera, magazines and headphones for music this is more for travelling essentials so you don't get bored, I also couldn't forget my beloved St. Moriz fake tan and babyliss hair straightners!

I've packed my beauty and makeup supplies in some mini bags, the flowery one is ted baker. I've packed anti perspiant, perfume, body spray, sun tan lotion, body lotion, mini shower gels and shampoos (travel size) and toothpaste ect, ALSO my makeup could never forget that. 

Next I'm packing my pyjamas, pants, socks and day/night time clothes which is also pretty obvious essentials to take.

I'm not taking to many shoes/bags I'm just taking a small shoulder bag and backpack, some sandals, trainers and some shoes for night time.

Couldn't forget jewellery! My favourite part of an outfit :) 

Last of all is a couple of bikinis, don't forget your sun screan to avoid skin damage! 

If you have any questions about these items please feel free to ask.

Love Roxy x


  1. cute swimsuit

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  3. GREAT.