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I am so glad that summer is only around the corner, I get pretty excited for winter to when summer ends but that excitement usually escapes my system when Christmas is over as January and February is just so dull! One thing I do hate about winter is layering my clothes. As SS15 is nearly here I have been looking at fashion inspiration everywhere and can already tell that it's going to be a good season for fashion. 

I adore all the bright pastel colours that are coming in right now, even the pastel winter coats! 

I think we can all agree that everything just looks so much prettier in the summer right? As I've been looking online I thought I would gather up lots of summery outfits and share them with you.

These outfits I gathered together for you are from '' I'm sure you've all heard of that website? It's one of my favourite clothing stores at the moment and it's so current! 

The first picture I used was some floral patterns, floral patterns will always be on trend no matter what as it's such a statement piece to wear and stands out, summer is all about flowers, sun, beach and standing out with cute outfits! 

The second picture I used are Kim K outfit inspired, I love these looks I can tell you now these two pieces are so damn popular on Instagram!

The third outfit is the same dress but in two different colours, when it's June/July/August time it's going to be at it's hottest and these flowy floaty dresses don't just look perfect but would be so comfortable to wear in the heat. 

The last picture I used was more for evening events or maybe a wedding!

These pieces are from, this is actually a website I came across not long ago and I'm LOVING it. It's so unique compared to other websites. You need to be registered to view their products just a heads up for you all! (I also connected my Instagram account with them to) Once you've done that your all set and ready to go! West Egg are selling lots of brands you have most likely heard of such as Daniel Wellington Watches, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Raybans, Adidas, Chanel and the list goes on.. But the good thing about it is that these brands on the website are all 80% off the original prices so your getting yourself a bargain and prices where you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else

I thought I would write a bit about this website and let you all know how I feel about their products as we can't all afford the latest Michael Kors Bag at a full asking price so It's such a perfect oppurtinity for you all to get amazing brands at affordable prices. 

West Egg are loving Instagram and you can actually model for them, all you need to do is post your favourite picture with a product you love from I think this is such a brilliant idea as the customers can see what the product looks like styled or worn on their website so you know what it actually looks like. 
So let's get on to the items I picked from their website shall we? 

As you can see the first two pictures are boho inspired, if your a big lover of festivals or just a big lover of everything flowery and boho this is perfect for you, I'm actually thinking of buying myself one of their floral kimonos, they are so beautiful! 

The third picture is this gorgeous 'Adrianna Papell Satin Wrap' It's so elegant and one of my favourite pieces on their site, perfect for any wedding or any posh events you have coming up. 

Lastly is the Burberry scarf and Daniel Wellington Watch. I paired these two together for more of a casual/work outfit, personally I think it looks so smart for work attire or perfect for any job interview you have coming up!

WestEgg have the most perfect website and pieces, I can't fault them with 80% off your basically getting a product for free but as a little treat for all my readers I'm also going to throw in a 10% off coupon code on any products you want to buy! Just use the code 'wearwestegg' I am going to leave all the links to west egg below so go ahead and register with them!

How could I forget dungarees! So these are a few picks from 'Urban Outfitters' not the cheapest of shops but still one of my favourites! Look at that red kimono I am in love right now that is totally on my wish list. What's your opinion on dungarees? I think they are a bit like marmite people either love them or hate them, I'll let you in to a little secret, I am a fan of marmite.

The skater dress in the first picture is so bright and really stands out, usually if someone said to me green and pink on the same piece of clothing I would feel a little bit puzzled but urban outfitters can pull it off right? 
Lastly the grey and red kimono is so beautiful! I love the red detailing on the bottom of the sleeves as it stands out.

Your gonna need some sassy accessories to finish off your outfit and put it all together. I got some inspo from Instagram using my favourite pictures from 'Lamoda' 'Public Desire' 'Topshop' and 'Primark'.

Let's talk about the bags in the first picture first, I picked nude and pinks as that's really in at the moment and my all time favourite colour, you can't go wrong with nude or some pink fluff!

So the White flatform/platform sandals in the second photo I thought would actually be gorgeous styled with a kimono, and the nude heels next to it would also be really pretty styled with the Kimmy K inspired two piece! 

I have saved best for last on this post guys. The topshop sparkly, fluffy heels. Can we just take a moment to appreciate these beauty's?

I really hope this has given you some amazing outfit ideas and got you in the mood for summer, please let me know in the comments your favourite piece and why!


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  3. totally agree, everything looks better in summer!! I love that red kimono as well, will have to check UO online. would be great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

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  4. love the pastel pink bags, they are so cute! x