February Favourites | Healthy Food Ideas, Skin Tips, Favourite BeautyProducts

I hope everyone's had a great February, that word 'February' will always confuse me I always forget it's spelt like that and then realise I'm in the wrong when my phone corrects me, thank god for auto correct! I have so many things from this month I want to share with you all such as food, beauty products, fashion items, TV shows, nail varnishes the list just goes on and on..

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen me make a few posts about hot chocolates and how much I love them, the word 'love' is actually an understatement, I am obsessed and by obsessed I mean I'm having two cups nearly everyday (I know this is bad but there's no judging that goes on here guys). My perfect hot chocolate is to add some milk so it's not to watery or runny then whipped cream and to finish it off I sprinkle some marshmallows over the top! This routine seems to happen every time I make one, I don't think hot chocolates would be as amazing without the marshmallows and cream. 

I'm also a big lover of strawberries lately, and chocolate, I could eat them separately but if I have them together in the house at the same time I always HAVE to go that step to far and make some chocolate covered strawberries. 

I've also been getting into healthy salads lately aswell, when people hear the word salad they usually think 'eww' but salads are actually really good if you mix it up a little bit. If you live in England like me, you will notice in most supermarkets they have a salad bar? I usually get a few bits from there as you can pick and choose what you want, I also know that a lot of people would rather make things such as pasta, coleslaw, potatoe salad from scratch aswell so you can buy the ingredients from most stores and it's so easy to make. I always put a salad dressing over mine with some toppings such as onion or bacon crispies or even chicken. 

I have really got into doing my nails a lot more recently, usually I would just paint them a colour and leave that on until I need to paint them again, I'd never be to bothered about what colour I was painting them. Recently I have been watching loads and loads of nail art tutorials on Instagram and YouTube and I find them so inspiring that I want to try it myself! So I've been on the hunt for nail art kits, new polishes, and also found a Barry M matte top coat which works wonders. I'm also a massive fan of Ciate and Essie polishes now and really want to buy some more. 

I also bought some Duo eyelash glue, before Duo I used Eyelure eyelash glue which has actually been my favourite for a really long time, but I've just got a thing for the Duo glue now, I feel like my eyelashes could stay on for weeks probably If I wanted to leave them on for that long lol!

You probably noticed on Instagram I stocked up on a load of beauty blenders? Yep. I ordered one from the actual beauty blender store (MASSIVE MISTAKE) there's nothing wrong with it, it works absolutely perfectly it's just that I went onto eBay a few hours later and saw bundles of them in all different colours selling for about £5. If I could give you any advice I would order the beauty blenders from eBay they are cheap, you get a load of them so they will last longer and they are exactly the same as real beauty blenders. 

I'm loving this fucshia pink bag that got sent to me from a shop called 'just for five pounds. I seriously can't get enough of it and every opportunity I get I will wear it. It's so gorgeous styled against white and baby pinks. This has got to be one of my favourite pieces from February. 

I also love my new choker from 'Lovelucex' you can find her on Instagram and she has links to her depop and eBay in her bio. As it's getting warmer and I'm way to excited to wear more SS clothes it's time to get the chokers out to pair up with a pretty top. I have so many in my collection and this one is my favourite, I was looking for a double cord one for ages and by luck I found this! 


  1. Hello from Spain: nice summary of your favorite products. Keep in touch

  2. That hot chocolate looks and sounds amazing! I love your necklace too!


  3. That hot chocolate and strawberries look so good!


  4. I love strawberries


  5. the hot cocoa looks amazingggg...i wish i could pull a cup from the computer screen. lol. what nail polish are you using underneath matte top coat? it's a beautiful combo!