HOW TO: make cheesy nachos

Your going to need: 
Tortilla chips/crisps
Low Fat Natural yoghurt 
Tomatoe purée (in a tube)
Thai sweet chilli sauce 
Salt & pepper 
Rocket Salad 

First of all place the tortilla chips In a bowl, I got about half a big bag of tortillas.

Now it's time to make your sauce, for this you will need your tomato purée,natural yoghurt, salt, pepper and Thai sweet chilli sauce 

Get a bowl and put about 4 table spoons of the yoghurt in there, then I did six squirts of tomatoe purée mixed In with the yoghurt you can do less or more depending on how much you want the sauce to taste like tomatoes. Then I put 2 table spoons of Thai sweet chilli sauce, again depending on how chilli you want it you can add more or less, it's all about getting the sauce right and how you want it to taste as this is very similar to a salsa sauce I think! Then add the salt and pepper, this defenitly completes the sauce it's a must have! 

Next grab an oven tray out of the cupboard and put the tortilla chips on the oven tray ( I'm not using foil as the tortillas stick to the foil so make sure you clean your oven tray before use ). 
Then I poured half of the sauce mix on to the tortillas. For cheese I have used cheese slices, I think they are creamier and taste a lot less sickly, but you can use any cheese you want! You then place the cheese on top I used four cheese slices. Next pour the remaining sauce you have left on top of the cheese. The reason why I've layered the sauce is to mix it all up so you can get the taste everywhere. 

I then got a tomato and cut it into slices and placed a few slices on top, before it goes in the oven it should look something abit like this: 

I then placed my tray in the oven on 150 degrees and left it in for 30 minutes! 

Once that's done place it on a plate, I put a tiny bit of rocket salad on the top and added some more salt and pepper.. It's now ready to serve!
Hope you enjoy.. 


  1. Cheesy nachos are my favourite snack, these look so good xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

    1. Same! You should defenitly try the recipe out its a great snack it tasted so good!xxx

  2. yummy love your food photos. will definitely give it a try

    1. Thankyou :) and yes go for it, it's so tasty! Might be uploading another recipe in the week so don't miss it!

  3. This looks so amazing I'm hungry now!