Alexandre vauthier autumn/winter 2014-2015

A/W 2014-2015 couture 

What do you all think about the Alexandre Vauthier autumn/winter collection? I haven't uploaded all the pictures from the show on this blog post because personally there's a few I didn't like I'm not going to lie and say I absolutely love them all when I personally don't, but Im going to share the ones I do like with you guys! I've seen a few furr jackets in this collection and you can probably spot the yellow one, it's pretty hard to miss.. but I chose this picture because I think the colour is stunning and the outfit goes really well together, I don't think I could pull this outfit off myself as it's abit to eye catching but it's defenitly gorgeous to look at! 
The long black dresses and the kind of mesh designed v-neck dresses are my favourite, I think the plain black dresses look so elegant and classy, you've got abit of leg showing with a slit at the side of the dress paired with gorgeous nude coloured heels, so simple but so beautiful!


  1. the outfit in the second image is jsut stunning! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Yeah sure! I'll check it out now :) xx

  3. I love every single thing! It's all so on point!