Acne spring summer 2015

Here's shots of the acne spring summer 2015 collection show held in Paris, I'm defenitly getting a lot of bohemian vibes in these looks, the flared trousers and the floral patterns are defenitly a blast from the past! All the looks are very unique and special in there own way, I must say the green all leather outfit looks amazing, there are also a few other looks in there which involve leather. 
Looks like blazers are back, low cut V-neck blazers, tops and even jackets I'm seeing in these shots taken, defenitly keep an eye out next year for low cut v-necks I reckon they are defenitly going to make a return. 
All of the dresses in these pictures seem to be different, there's one dress that reminds me of a skater dress, another dress with floral patterns again has the bohemian look going on, and another dress with a high neck, you can probably guess by looking at the pictures which dresses match the description I'm making.


  1. I love everything! I love the yellows and turquoise blue colours!


  2. omg!!! in awe will all the leather outfits.. i especially love those deep cleavage plunges ;) great post dear! xx

    juli @

    1. Great collection isn't it?! Thankyou love your blog <3