We went to wagamammas!

Ohhhhh you guys - NEEEED to check out wagammas Japanese food.. I know the sauce may look abit like a turd but I assure you it doesn't taste like one hahahaha, I got a mixed fruit smoothie and the chicken curry!
The chicken curry tasted so delicious every part of the meal was so good, even the rice, the salad was just oh my god.
The smoothie was so refreshing and delicious, I'm so sorry I forgot what fruits they put in there, but there's no added flavouring the smoothie is 100% natural fruit smoothie. 

So customer service and atmosphere - I absolutely loved it, the restraunt is gorgeous in a gorgeous location exeter - princesshay. We chose to sit outside, they had a bit behind the restraunt where you could sit outside and we chose to sit out there, the atmosphere in the restraunt and outside was so chilled out I absolutely loved it, it wasn't busy or loud, it kind of annoys me especially in this hot weather when you sit in a stuffy hot loud restraunt it kind of just ruiens the whole experience for me, but this was the complete opposite it's so big so there's enough room to spread people all over the restraunt so we're not all shoved together like cattle! The staff were so polite didn't rush us away when we finished our meal! So overall I had a great experience there it was really chilled out the food was delicious and the staff were really friendly! 

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