New balance trainers

Hey everyone! 
Hope your all having a good day, it's so hot in the UK I can't escape it!!! 
Anyway onto my new trainers, 
So I got told by a friend about this website caller 'ioffer' where you can get loads of good brands on there and it's not actually as expensive as the brands are, I looked at reviews on the website and people were saying don't order from there it's a scam Ect.. But then I read other reviews from people saying when you buy from ioffer make sure your seller has good rating and good reviews and if so you should be ok. So my advice to you guys is to just make sure to be safe and careful on this website look at the sellers reviews before you dive straight into buying and you should be ok!! Well my shoes came pretty quickly from china in about a week so I'm really happy with that! 
On the website when I ordered these they didn't have a size five only a size 5.5 so I messaged the seller asking for a size 5 and that was fine!!
When I first put these on I wasn't to sure but then it's because the laces were really wide I tightened them up Paired them with some black skinny jeans and I love them! 
They are pretty comfy actually which I like as I seem to be doing a lot of walking these days! 
So guys just one last thing what's your favourite pair of trainer brand? 
Leave a comment below! 

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