Maybelline New York Master Duo Eyeliner Review

I really wanted to review this eyeliner I'm never picky with eyeliners they all seem the same to me the matte black ones I usually get but I have to review this eyeliner to let you all know how much I HATE IT!!! 

This is the maybelline New York master duo thin or thick glossy liner. First of all I am pissed I paid eight pound for this because from my opinion I think it's awful, others might like it, but personally I hate it I wouldn't have minded spending eight pound or more on an eyeliner if I liked it but I feel like this was a waste of money, I will start of with the thing that bugs me the most, the formula in the product, I put this on and it's easy to apply it's just like applying any other eyeliner there's no problems there but then I recognised when it had dried it looked really shiny and tacky and it was cracking so the eyeliner was actually flaking off it looked really tacky and this is the main reason why I hate it.
I do winged eyeliner nearly everyday and I love getting it perfect and looking really neat and tidy and when I applied this and it had dried I just felt like it looked shiny flaky and all around tacky!!!! 
I'm sure no one really wants their eye make-up to look like that. I would love to know what other people think of this eyeliner? 


  1. I've never tried this one but after seeing the swatches and how much you don't like it I will definitely never consider it! thanks for the review!

    1. Yes honestly I wouldn't bother it was £8 and not worth the money atall!!