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Hey guys!

Hope your all having a fab day! My days been abit boring so I got a blog prepared for you guys! These are just a few things I have bought over the past couple of months that I really like and think they are worth sharing with you ..


I bought this on eBay for £8.
I like this eyeliner it's so easy to apply and as you can see the wing is literally on point ..
This eyeliner is a shiny one, I don't know what it is I just prefer matte black eyeliners but I still defenitly love this eyeliner and I think it's worth it's money! 


I like this nail varnish, the colour is a very nude pale pink and that's what I like I have only used it once and I must say it lasts good, apart from if you catch it on anything it could chip - baring in mind this happens with pretty much any nail varnish!!
I use two coats, I wouldn't even say you need two because one coat looks fine! I add two for it to last longer and I think it looks more neat if you add a couple coats! Overall a good nail varnish (sorry guys I forgot the price) I know I'm an idiot!! I did buy it from boots though, also you can probably buy it online or any drugstores near you! 


This blush is so cute! I bought it from boots for about £8-£9 I think. As you can see it has quite a few colours in it I literally grab my brush mix in all the colours and put some on my cheeks.
It adds a lovely glow and it's not to dramatic either it doesn't make you look to shimmery, and it doesn't make your cheeks go really pink like a gnome lol!


I bought this on eBay for £5! Bargain I know! I got really bored of the same old bronzer I had been using for ages and really wanted a new one, so I was going to get hoola from benefit then I looked at reviews and people said it can make you look muddy and patchy and I really didn't want to waste lots of money on something that could possibly make me look like a hot mess! So I was looking at bronzer reviews on YouTube and I came across this, people were saying how good it is so I thought I'd give it a try! Once I tried it I absolutely loved it, it doesn't make you go patchy and it also makes you look like you have a real natural tan!
Also good for people with oily skin that don't want to look shiny because this is a matte bronzer.


Ok so same thing happened with my bronzer, I got bored of the same old foundation and wanted to try a new one and heard a lot of good things about this, I bought this on depop market for £18! If you don't know what depop is, it's a new app, where you can buy swap and sell your stuff all you need to do is download the app and make an account! I got this in shade 20 and it is a perfect match! So I have a lot of stuff to say about this foundation, good and bad things here I go ..
Let me list the good first!
So when I first applied it it made my skin look really dewy and glowing I didn't really want to even apply a powder on top of it (but I know what my skin is like it would get mega oily if I didn't) 
It really matched my skin perfectly, it has a yellow undertone which makes your skin look so tanned and natural I can't even explain it, it just looks flawless! So id say it's medium coverage, usually I want full coverage but with this I just don't care it makes my skin look so flawless and new one layer is enough for me.

Now let me tell you the bad things
So when you first apply it, it really does look amazing, like you have hardly any foundation on, but through out the day I can feel the oiliness on my skin, I looked in the mirror a couple hours after applying it and I looked abit oily, and where there are dents in my face I noticed that the foundation had kind of sunk into them and it made my foundation look like I had wrinkles on my face a little bit. 
I like this foundation a lot, but as my skin is quite oily I think I'm going to save this for the winter instead of using it now and see how it reacts to my skin then as my skin will be a lot dryer in the winter! 
If your skin isn't really oily I would say this foundation is perfect for you, it's a shame I had to have oily skin !! 


I loveeeeeee this lip liner!!!!! It's so easy to apply, it's really pigmented and it's such a gorgeous colour. It makes my lips look really full, and it looks so natural aswell, it's like a natural nude lip colour so it doesn't look dramatic or full on. This cost me about £3 or £4 I think from boots. 
It lasts a couple of hours on my lips before I have to apply some more, but even when I do re-apply it, it's not fully rubbed off! 

So there's a few of my favourite products I have purchased over the past couple of months guys, let me know what you think in the comments below and opinions on the products to! 

Thank you 

Roxanne Cole x

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