iOffer review

So I ordered something from ioffer for the first time ever and I was so sceptical about doing this. 
I had read reviews of so many people saying do not buy from this website stay away from it, it's a waste of time Ect.. But then I read other reviews and people were saying it's safe to buy from if you buy from the right seller, make sure they have good rating and good reviews, anyone with no reviews or bad reviews are a scam! So I made sure I bought of a seller who had loads of good reviews and the people who said that were absolutely right! My item came in a week all the way from china I got exactly what I wanted there was nothing wrong with the item everything was fine! iOffer is defenitly worth taking a look at it's got such good brands on that website for a really good price seriously! Go check it out guys.. Just don't get to excited and order loads of things at once or ignore the fact that some sellers could be scams just make sure you are careful with this website! 

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